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Company Profile

MORRIS PRECISION TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD., a Taiwanese company set up in 1977, has been designing and manufacturing a wide range of industrial gas welding and cutting equipment and medical apparatus.

All the design and manufacture of MORRIS products strictly conform to international standards. Our production procedures are in conformity with ISO 9001 and ISO 13485 quality management systems. Besides, we have also obtained UL, CE and GMP certificates.

With a strong team of professional engineers, well-trained technicians, and responsive sales representatives, MORRIS has built up a good reputation in this field. Apart from our own brands, MORRIS also supplies OEM/ODM service for worldwide well-known company to meet various market and different customers's needs.


The brands by MORRIS PRECISION TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD offer a wide range of industrial gas welding and cutting equipment, regulators, safety apparatus, related accessories, and medical oxygen therapy and suction devices.


The Management Philosophy of MORRIS

Always looking for product Innovation and reformation

Business Profit Generation

Ensure to provide the high quality products as our Superior goal

Concentrate on the customers always come first

Full participation by the employees

Sustainable management and development

2020 Awarded The 2020 TOP 1000 Elite SME of D&B.
2018 Devoted to have more different types of flashback arrestors certified to American UL standard.
2017 New Gas flowgauge regulators passed UL certification.
2016 New Gas flowmeter regulators passed UL certification.
2015 MORRIS has heavily invested in the advanced vertical CNC machining Centers, and Horizontal CNC Lathes to manufacture more productive and cost-effective parts.
2015 Closed its China factory and move back to Taiwan. The new factory expanded to cover more than 25,000m2, in order to satisfy increasing capacity demands.
2009 The 1st Asian company who got the UL certification for flashback arrestors and is still the only one at present.
2007 Obtained the CE certification of Medical apparatus.
2006 Passed the certification of good manufacturing practices (GMP) in Taiwan.
2005 Announce it has been awarded the ISO 13485:2003 in 2005 regarding quality system of Medical apparatus.
1998 Invest USD10 million to build a new factory occupies 8,000 square meters was set up in Canton’s ‘tong Guan city in China in 1998.
1998 Awarded with ISO9002 and ISO 9001 in 1998.
1990 Certified to American UL standard for gas welders, cutters, gas pressure regulators.
1977 Morris Engineering Works Ltd was establish in 1977 as a manufacturer and developer of gas welders, cutters , gas pressure regulators, medical regulators and related parts.


Customers of MORRIS come from all over the world.

It differentiates itself from other competitors by providing the superior quality products, competitive prices. Apart from its private brands, it supplies OEM/ODM service for its worldwide well-known company to tailor different customers’ needs.

Thus it has enjoyed a steady increase on its annual sales revenue year by year.