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106RM-FL Series Flowmeter Regulators

CE 2460





Maximum inlet pressure 3000psi (ANSI)/ 210bar (CE)

Chromed plated brass body with all brass high pressure chamber for durability & safety

Neoprene diaphragm with internal safety valve protects against over- pressurization

Sintered filter inlet for additional safety and longer life

The standard 2” diameter Inlet pressure gauges 0~4000psi UL approved

Polycarbonate inner and outer tubes provide greater accuracy, durability & safety

Outlet flow control valve 90∘or 180∘are available

The standard preset outlet pressure is 50psi (ANSI), 4bar (CE) for stabilizing and accuracy flowing

USA and international standard Inlet and outlet thread sizes are available


Mode Gas Flow Range (LPM) Inlet Connection
106RM-5FL-540 OXYGEN 1/2~5 CGA-540 Nut and Nipple
106RM-5FL-540HT OXYGEN 1/2~5 CGA-540 Hand tight Nut and Nipple
106RM-5FL-870 OXYGEN 1/2~5 CGA-870 Yoke
106RM-8FL-540 OXYGEN 1/2~8 CGA-540 Nut and Nipple
106RM-8FL-540HT OXYGEN 1/2~8 CGA-540 Hand tight Nut and Nipple
106RM-8FL-870 OXYGEN 1/2~8 CGA-870 Yoke
106RM-15FL-992 OXYGEN 1~15 CGA-992 Nut and Nipple
106RM-15FL-992HT OXYGEN 1~15 CGA-992 Bull Nose and Hand tight
106RM-15FL-540 OXYGEN 1~15 CGA-540 Nut and Nipple
106RM-15FL-540HT OXYGEN 1~15 CGA-540 Hand tight Nut and Nipple
106RM-15FL-870 OXYGEN 1~15 CGA-870 Yoke
106RM-15FL-346 MEDICAL AIR 1~15 CGA-540 Nut and Nipple
106RM-15FL-346HT MEDICAL AIR 1~15 CGA-540 Hand tight Nut and Nipple
106RM-15FL-950 MEDICAL AIR 1~15 CGA-950 Yoke
106RM-15FL-320 CO2 1/2~12 CGA-320 Nut and Nipple
106RM-15FL-320HT CO2 1/2~12 CGA-320 Hand tight Nut and Nipple
106RM-15FL-940 CO2 1/2~12 CGA-940 Yoke

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