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206RM-P Series Adjustable Pressure Regulators
CE 2460





Maximum inlet pressure 3000psi (ANSI)/ 210bar (CE)

Chromed plated brass body with all brass high pressure chamber for durability & safety

Two-stage design for flow control accuracy purpose such as calibration and testing

First stage reduces high pressure to 170psi; second stage reduces to provide greater accuracy at lower flow settings

Sintered filter inlet for additional safety and longer life

The standard 2" diameter Inlet pressure gauge 0~4000psi UL approved and outlet pressure gauge marked UR, 0~50psi or 100psi

USA and international standard Inlet and outlet thread sizes are available


Mode Gas Flow Range (LPM) Inlet Connection
206RM-50P-540 OXYGEN 0-50psi CGA-540 Nut and Nipple
206RM-50P-992 OXYGEN 0-50psi CGA-992 Nut and Nipple
206RM-50P-870 OXYGEN 0-50psi CGA-870 Yoke
206RM-100P-540 OXYGEN 0-100psi CGA-540 Nut and Nipple
206RM-100P-992 OXYGEN 0-100psi CGA-992 Nut and Nipple
206RM-100P-870 OXYGEN 0-100psi CGA-870 Yoke
206RM-50P-346 MEDICAL AIR 0-50psi CGA-346 Nut and Nipple
206RM-50P-950 MEDICAL AIR 0-50psi CGA-950 Yoke
206RM-100P-346 MEDICAL AIR 0-100psi CGA-346 Nut and Nipple
206RM-100P-950 MEDICAL AIR 0-100psi CGA-950 Yoke
206RM-50P-540 N20 0-50psi CGA-326 Nut and Nipple
206RM-50P-870 N2O 0-50psi CGA-910 Yoke
206RM-100P-540 N20 0-100psi CGA-326 Nut and Nipple
206RM-100P-870 N2O 0-100psi CGA-910 Yoke
206RM-100P-320 CO2 0-100psi CGA-320 Nut and Nipple
206RM-100P-940 CO2 0-100psi CGA-940 Yoke
206RM-100P-580 Nitrogen 0-100psi CGA-580 Nut and Nipple
206RM-100P-960 Nitrogen 0-100psi CGA-960 Yoke
206RM-100P-500 Medial Mixtures 0-100psi CGA-500 Nut and Nipple
206RM-100P-580 Medical Helium 0-100psi CGA-580 Nut and Nipple

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