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MFC823 Series Single Flowmeter

CE 2460




Click type (Dial style)/single flowmeter

Precision engineered accurately measures from 0~4LPM, 0~8LPM, 0~15LPM or 0~25LPM

Calibrated at 4 bar (60pasi) inlet or Calibrated at 3.5 bar (50psi) inlet also available

Optional power take-off units provide 4 bar (60psi) or 3.5 bar (50psi) additional outlet pressure

USA full lines inlet connections and international standard inlet and outlet thread sizes are available


Mode Gas Max. Calibrated
Flow (LPM)
MFC823(V)(P)-OX-25/15/08/03-M4-9/16-(SET) OXYGEN 0~25/15/08/03 LPM Male 1/4"NPT(M4) Male 9/16"
MFC823(V)(P)-OX-25/15/08/03-M4-G1/4(SET) OXYGEN 0~25/15/08/03 LPM Male 1/4"NPT(M4) G1/4"
MFC823(V)(P)-OX-25/15/08/03-M4-G3/8(SET) OXYGEN 0~25/15/08/03 LPM Male 1/4"NPT(M4) Male G3/8"
MFC823(V)(P)-OX-25/15/08/03-M4-M12(SET) OXYGEN 0~25/15/08/03 LPM Male 1/4"NPT(M4) M12
MFC823(V)(P)-OX-25/15/08/03-M4-M16(SET) OXYGEN 0~25/15/08/03 LPM Male 1/4"NPT(M4) M16
MFC823(V)(P)-OX-25/15/08/03-FG3/8-G3/8(SET) OXYGEN 0~25/15/08/03 LPM Female G3/8”(G3/8) Male G3/8"
MFC823(V)(P)-AI-25/15/08/03-XX-XX(SET) MEDICAL AIR 0~25/15/08/03 LPM Option Option
MFC823(V)(P)-CO-25/15/08/03-XX-XX(SET) CO2 0~25/15/08/03 LPM Option Option
MFC823(V)(P)-N2-25/15/08/03-XX-XX(SET) N2O 0~25/15/08/03 LPM Option Option
MFC823(V)(P)-HE-25/15/08/03-XX-XX(SET) MEDICAL HELIUM 0~25/15/08/03 LPM Option Option

* (V): Add "V" means inlet and flow control valve be vertical(90o)
* (P): Add "P" means including Power Take-off
* (SET): Add "SET" means the whole set including the combination of accessories (eg. Humidifier, mask, …)
* All inlet connection and outlet connection can be changed according to customers'  request. 

Inlet Connection
  • AM: Australian Male
  • GM: Germany Male
  • BP: British Probe
  • JM: Japanese Male
  • CM: Chemetron Male
  • M2: 1/8” FNPT
  • DH: Diss Handtight
  • M4: 1/4” FNPT
  • DM: Diss Male
  • MM: Medsta Male
  • DN: Diss Nut and Nipple
  • XM: Oxequip Male
  • F2: 1/8” FNPT
  • OM: Ohmeda Male
  • F4: 1/4” FNPT
  • PM: Puritan Male
  • FM: French Male
  • SM: Schrader Male
Outlet Connection
  • 9/16” : Male 9/16”
  • M12: Male M12
  • G3/8: Male G3/8”
  • M16”: Male M16
  • G1/4: Male G1/4”
  • TN: Nipple connection

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