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Suction Liner & Bottles
Suction Liner &  Bottles


The bottle collects the waste liquid from the patient who is performing the surgical operation. The bottle lid has the connector for connection tube, suction tube from patient and discharging the waste liquid. It can make the operation perform more smoothly and safe

Compatible with existing vacuum equipment

Single or multiple set-ups high capacity without disconnection using multiple set-ups

Multiple system can save the time for replacing the bag and ensure the surgical operation won’t be interrupted.


Mode Product Specification
BVT-200A-R Bottle 2000ml PC with green holder
BVT-200A-W Bottle 2000ml PC with white holder
BVT-150A-R Bottle 1500ml PC with green holder
BVT-150A-W Bottle 1500ml PC with white holder
BVT-200N LINER 2000ml EVA without valve
BVT-200A LINER 2000ml EVA with valve
BVT-150A LINER 1500ml EVA with valve

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