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GS-150 Series Gas Saver
Series Gas Saver


Simple structure, big energy, small cost

Free from repeated procedures of igniting, flame adjusting and extinguishing work

Easy handling without electricity

Fixed seat for easy installation

The pilot flame hole is only 0.1mm to save more considerable amount of gases



Model Gas Pressure
Inlet / Outlet
GS-150-A Oxygen 1.0-7.0 M16x1.5 R.H. 1 kg
GS-150-A Acetylene 0.2-1.0 M16x1.5 R.H. 1 kg
GS-150-P Oxygen 1.0-7.0 M16x1.5 L.H. 1 kg
GS-150-P Propane 0.2-1.0 M16x1.5 L.H. 1 kg

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