100-FL Series Regulator

Single stage | Flowmeter Regulators

CAPACITY: Medium Duty
Net Weight: 1 kg / each
OUTLET PRESSURE: 3.5 Bar (Preset)

UL and CUL listed
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Product Features

Product Specification

Model Gas Flow Range Max. Working Pressure 10 Feet Hose
100-25FL-AR Argon / Helium 25 (Lt./min) 315 (BAR) W/O
100-25FL-CD CO2 25 (Lt./min) 315 (BAR) W/O
100-60CF-AR Argon / Helium 60 (SCFH) 315 (BAR) W/O
100-60CF-CD CO2 60 (SCFH) 315 (BAR) Included
100A-60CF-CD CO2 60 (SCFH) 315 (BAR) Included

*Always specify model number and gas when ordering
**Inlet and outlet connection will be supplied to suit your requirement.

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