Flowing with Precision: IOxygen's Cutting-Edge Medical Thorpe Tube Flowmeter

The Thorpe tube flowmeter, a cornerstone instrument in medical gas delivery systems, is a direct measure of gas flow rates in medical applications. Comprising a gas source connection, a needle valve for precise flow control, and a float within a transparent tapered tube, this device offers accurate monitoring of gas flow during medical procedures. Widely utilized in healthcare institutions alongside pressure gauges and reducing valves, it enables caregivers to determine oxygen flow rates with ease.

IOxygen stands as a premier provider of flowmeters and regulators tailored for a myriad of medical applications. With our expertise, we assist in selecting the most suitable materials for your specific requirements. From gas flow regulation to flow rate control, our comprehensive range of products caters to diverse medical needs.

As experts in medical gas equipment, our teams are well-versed in understanding the nuances of medical gas products and can help define the needs of your facility. Among our offerings, we provide a wide selection of Thorpe tube-style flow meters, catering from neonatal to adult patients. Our Thorpe flowmeters are available for various gases, including oxygen, medical air, heliox, carbon dioxide, and nitrogen.

IOxygen's commitment to excellence is reflected in the design and manufacture of our products, adhering strictly to ISO and international standards. Our medical gas flowmeters, including the Thorpe tube variant, boast certifications such as ISO 13485, CE 2460, and UL, ensuring compliance with stringent quality and safety regulations. Our transparent, metrically graduated columns are meticulously crafted from Polycarbonate, ensuring greater accuracy, durability and safety in medical settings.

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