Precision Perfected: IOxygen's RM-FL Series Medical Flowmeter Regulators

IOxygen stands as a premier supplier of flowmeters and regulators, catering to the needs of hospitals and clinics with precision and reliability. Our RM-FL Series flowmeter regulators offer visual indication of gas flow rates, enabling real-time monitoring and adjustment to meet the dynamic demands of medical environments, including hospital wards, operating theatres, and ICUs.

A flowmeter regulator serves as a control valve, reducing the input pressure of medical gas to a desired value at its output. Our RM-FL Series regulators are engineered to deliver exceptional performance and safety, featuring a host of product features tailored to meet the stringent requirements of medical gas applications.

The features of IOxygen's RM-FL Series Medical Flowmeter Regulators, including a 2”diameter inlet pressure gauge for clear visibility, a maximum inlet pressure of 3000psi (ANSI) or 210 bar (CE) for reliable operation, durable polycarbonate inner and outer tubes, a sintered filter inlet for enhanced safety and longevity, flexible outlet flow control valve options of 90° or 180°, a neoprene diaphragm with internal safety valve to prevent over-pressurization, a chromed plated brass body with all brass high-pressure chamber for robustness, and a standard preset outlet pressure of 50psi (ANSI) or 4bar (CE) for stable and accurate flow.

With IOxygen's RM-FL Series flowmeter regulators, you can expect superior performance, reliability, and safety in medical gas delivery. Explore our range of products with international standard inlet and outlet thread sizes, perfectly suited for various medical gas system requirements.

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