Unleash your potential with the comprehensive Tool Box Kit from MORRIS PRECISION, meticulously designed to empower your tasks. Our Tool Box Kit offers a versatile and organized solution, equipping you with the essential tools you need for various projects.

Not only does our Tool Box Kit enhance your capabilities, but it also upholds the highest safety standards. Rest assured that our product is UL and CUL listed, ensuring compliance with rigorous safety regulations. With MORRIS PRECISION, you're not just getting a toolbox – you're investing in reliability, innovation, and peace of mind.

Explore the Tool Box Kit today and experience the synergy of functionality, organization, and safety. Choose MORRIS PRECISION for tools that redefine your workspace and redefine your possibilities.
VMCW-22TB Tool Box Kit
VMCW-20TB Tool Box Kit
HCW-23TB Tool Box Kit
AGCW-33TB Tool Box Kit
GCW-24TB Tool Box Kit
GCW-14TB Tool Box Kit
VHCW-21TB Tool Box Kit
VHCW-32TB Tool Box Kit
VHCW-21P Plastic Box Kit
VHCW-32P Plastic Box Kit
VMCW-22P Plastic Box Kit
VMCW-20P Plastic Box Kit
HCW-23P Plastic Box Kit
HCW-35P Plastic Box Kit
HCW-36P Plastic Box Kit
HCW-38P Plastic Box Kit
AGCW-28P Plastic Box Kit
AGCW-33P Plastic Box Kit
AGCW-26P Plastic Box Kit
UCW-37P Plastic Box Kit
GCW-24P Plastic Box Kit
AFCW-31P Plastic Box Kit
HCW-34P Plastic Box Kit
GLCW-81 Steel Box Kit
HCW-18P Portable Kit
VMCW-19P Portable Kit
VMCW-11P Portable Kit
HCW-12P Portable Kit
AFCW-13P Portable Kit
VMCW-20C Clamshell Kit
HCW-23C Clamshell Kit
VHCW-21S Paper Box Kit
VMCW-22S Paper Box Kit
VHCW-32S Paper Box Kit